Our Clients

Our clients

We serve individuals across all industries and levels with diverse career aspirations (entry level, career growth, industry or career change, etc).

VP, C-Level, Senior Management

Usually these candidates are passive and are not actively looking to change. At this level, positions are not frequent and that is why you have to be prepared. This executive needs a carefully crafted marketing document that demonstrates record of profitability, productivity, and continued growth; indicating a consistent delivery of strategic results that impact the organization. Macro strategies are crucial to be perceived as a true business partner.

High Tech Specialist

This type of resume must present detailed information covering skills, certifications and credentials in a specific area of expertise demonstrating their impact to the organization. The language, although technical, must be expressed in a clear and assertive manner.


This professional highlights his department’s achievement, employee development, project management, collaboration with other departments and senior management.

Individual Contributors

This resume is for individuals that do not lead departments or supervise but their contributions are vital to the organization. Their achievements are mostly individual.

Recent Graduates

Entry-level candidates with up to 2 years of experience who outline their academic achievements and special contributions at the workplace. Skills, competencies, and credentials are vital in this type of resume.

Health and/or Academic Professionals

These types of professionals need a Curriculum Vitae that presents in a highly detailed manner their experience, education, and additional information including publications, seminars, collaborations, projects, etc.

Flexible Professionals

For those who need immediate work and want a general resume to cover multiple positions establishing certain limits. We work with them in exploring alternatives that meet their immediate expectations.


For those planning to open or already have their own business, get your message across clearly and effectively in all promotional materials, media, and business documents.

Resume Preparation

These days your resume is treated as an official document. Needless to say, it’s very important. You need a resume that accentuates your skills, accomplishments and career focus. We interview you extensively to identify attributes and benefits we can highlight creating a unique resume which represents who you are and aligned with your aspirations.

Federal Resume Writing

You shouldn’t use a standard resume to apply for a job with the U.S. Government. The federal resume must follow strict guidelines to make sure your application doesn’t get rejected. In the selection process it doesn’t matter how qualified candidates are, it only matters how qualified the application/resume says they are and how clearly and persuasively it says so.

Business Documents and Proposals

We offer services writing documents in Business English including proposals, professional biographies, or any document in which you wish to optimize language and projection. The image you wish to project as an entrepreneur starts in outlining all the resources that you utilize to market yourself, that’s why you need to use direct language, comprehensible but professional and effective in conveying your message.


Each professional has unique talent and different aspirations. Our services are individualized and our fees vary from client to client.


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